Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January 9th 2014

After Ignorning me for all of the 8th:

CW: I overheard you talking about your first assignments, did you complete them already?
Me: *blank stare* I wasn't talking to anyone about my first assignments.
CW: Sure, Sure, Sure you were, you were talking to CW2 and said you had some writing to do.
Me: *blank stare* it's done. It wasn't easy, but it wasn't hard.
CW: can I look at it? Ive never seen online classes before.
Me: *blank stare and dead pan frown turn to evil smile* yep. Go to www.thewebsitefortheschooli'mattendinggoeshere.edu - I'm sure you'll find it there, somewhere.
CW: *stutters* Uh, I, uh, I - wait, can I just go to that site and look at things?
Me: Only one way to find out.
CW: Would you, um, maybe help me?
Me: *headphones on, music up, work to be done*
CW: Stands there a little longer. Sighs, walks away.

Conversations with a Co-Worker:
Afternoon Edition:

CW: I made my own soup this weekend, so I'd have warm lunches.
Me: Good idea.
CW: So, does your husband make his own broth? you know, boil down bones?
Me: Only the bones of our youngest victims, they're not as dry and brittle.
CW: *blink blink*

Will She Never LEARN?
Conversations with a Co-Worker:

CW: My knuckles are all black & blue! What should I use to make them heal faster? Any ideas?
Me: Straight jacket, keep your arms & hands all nice and snug, so you won't bang into things.
CW: *nervous giggle*

Conversations with a Co-Worker:

CW2: What smells like armpits? I mean, I know we work in a University, but it's JTerm, the students aren't even here - why does it smell like a frathouse full of unwashed armpits??
CW1 (THE CW) : My .. Um, it's my soup. I made the broth myself.
Me: Send out the search party - look for an empty frat house, she boiled their bones. I'm sure of it.

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