Friday, January 24, 2014

Catching Up!

YIKES!! I'm so far behind, I'm sorry about that:

This Week's Conversations With a Co-Worker Snippets:

Conversations With a Co-Worker:

CW: Morning. I can already tell it's going to be hot in here today.
Me: Turn off your space heater.
CW: I didn't realize it was on ........
Me: Just flossing, Huh?

Conversations With a Co-Worker:
(she's quiet today, I think she's plotting)

CW: Are you busy?
Me: Well, I'm not twiddling my thumbs - why what can I help with?
CW: I don't understand this new outlook program.
Me: there's not enough time for me to explain that to you.
CW: Today?
Me: Ever.

Conversations With a Co-Worker:

Me: It's your birthday?!
CW: Yeah.
Me: Why didn't you say anything?! Happy Birthday!
CW: Oh, you're welcome.
Me: -- wait, what?

It's important to note:
I have on my desk, a grumpy cat coffee mug & a Thank Goodness I'm Fabulous (bright pink) water bottle - two of my most prized office possessions - amongst other fun things.

Conversations With a Co-Worker:

CW: *glancing at my desk & all the fun things I have* that's super cute.
Me: *unsure what she's referring to this time* what's that?
CW: Your water bottle. It's super cute.
Me: Thanks! one of my bestest friends in the world sent that to me.
CW: In the world?
Me: mmhmm. I've got peeps all over the globe.
CW: Like those little marshmallow candies?
Me: Yep. Just like that.

did you miss me?!?

Conversations With a Co-Worker:

CW: How did your daughter do on her midterm?
Sup: good, she had Latin, said it was hard.
CW: why don't you bring her to Mexico, so she can learn it first hand?

Conversations With a Co-Worker:
CW: I'll be leaving at 10:30 today.
Me: I'm not allowed to let you take anymore time off.
CW: I've had a toothache for days now, I have to go to the dentist.
Me: I'm sorry I can't allow it.

Conversations With a Co-Worker:
Sup: Mine is still here, are you sure it's missing?
CW: I just reached down to turn it on, and it's not here!
Me: Your space heater? Facilities must really have it in for you
CW: Oh, ha. It's here, it's just been unplugged and moved a little, sorry about my panic there.

Conversations With a Co-Worker:
Me: What smells like dirty gym shoes?
CW: Um. I don't know. I don't smell anything.
Me: Weird, it's .. gross . and overpowering.
CW: All I smell is my soup.
Me: Did you run out of frat boy bones and use their shoes?

Conversations With a Co-Worker:
CW: Okay, I'm going to lunch - do you need anything?
Me: Just my head examined - I'm losing it today!
CW: I am in no position to examine anyone's heads ..
Me: **dissolve into a fit of laughter**