Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January 13th 2014

Guess Who's Baaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!
Conversations with a Co-Worker:

CW: Did you have a good weekend?

Me: Pretty good. thank you, and how was yours?

CW: Good, I built birdhouses. I think I'm going to sell them with my pictures. Have you started selling yours yet?

Me: Nope, changed my mind. the pictures I want to sell require an ID to purchase.

CW: .........................

Conversations with a Co-Worker:

CW: So I heard the wax smell was terrible Friday?

Me: Nope, barely noticed a thing.

CW: Oh, Really? Well, you must not be sensitive to smells like I am.

Me: Apparently not, although, I don't routinely crawl around on the floor sniffing to see if things bother my nose.

CW: ... blink blink .. sniff .. blink blink ...

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