Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January 15th 2014


CW: {with a snide snarky smile} I see you made it just before 8am today. did you have to park in Alumni? (*editors note: alumni is about a country mile away from where our office is)
Me: Nope, got the last spot in Edgewood.
CW: I was here well before you, and *I* Had to park in Alumni!
Me: Obviously, someone loves me more than you today.

Conversations With a Co-Worker:

CW: Did you have a nice lunch?
Me: Salad, per usual.
CW: Still no home made soup from your husband?
Me: Nope, we ran out of small children and animals to sacrifice. We're going hunting this weekend though, would you like me to set aside some bones for you?
CW: Twisted  :-/
Me: Perfectly 

Conversations with a Co-Worker:

Me: I don't feel like walking to the bank today, I'll go first thing in the morning.
CW: If you want, I'll take it down. I could use a breath of fresh air.
Me: Mint?